Bruker Announces Official Launch of N8 NEOS SENTERRA

Published on September 23, 2009 at 10:27 PM

Bruker announces the official launch of the new N8 NEOS SENTERRA micro-analysis system that combines the Raman Spectroscopy and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) on a single optical microscope platform.

A comprehensive materials research investigation demands a multi-technique approach. Bruker Optics’ SENTERRA Raman spectrometer and Bruker Nano’s N8 NEOS Atomic Force Microscope was combined to allow morphological, structural and chemical analysis of the same sample area. Calibrated sample positioning allows simple and precise serial measurements, where the resultant Raman spectra is easily correlated with the AFM image.

The N8 NEOS SENTERRA combines the flexibility of Raman spectroscopy with intuitive AFM control. Optimal stability is achieved by mounting the SENTERRA on the ultra-stable N8 NEOS base. The N8 NEOS SENTERRA provides all the same alignment-free and intuitive design of the original N8 NEOS AFM. The distinctive interferometric detection system provides accurate tip deflection values in directly in nanometers instead of voltages for more precise force control and optical microscope is the highest quality of any AFM.

The compact SENTERRA Raman system has software selectable lasers and gratings to facilitate specific excitation wavelengths and spectral resolutions optimized for each sample. With its patented Sure_Cal® calibration technology, the SENTERRA is permanently aligned for the wavelength scale with a wavelength stability of 0.1 cm-1.

The new N8 NEOS SENTERRA is the ideal tool for research applications and multi-user facilities, where flexibility and ease-of-use are essential prerequisites. High sample throughput and the best attainable results are guaranteed.

Raman spectroscopy? Atomic Force Microscopy? Two questions, one answer: N8 NEOS SENTERRA.

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