Microfluidics Upgrades M-110P Microfluidizer Processor

Microfluidics (OTCBB: MFLU), the exclusive global provider of Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors, has upgraded its flagship lab unit, the M-110P “plug and play” benchtop.

Second-generation models are currently shipping worldwide. Improvements include simplified user controls, reduced operational noise, cooler operation, decreased machine weight, longer component life and additional available options such as a manual priming and purging cylinder (MPPC).

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M-110P Microfluidizer Processor

Since its introduction in late 2007, the M-110P series of processors has become the most popular and fastest-selling lab model in company history, selling hundreds of units worldwide to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, cosmetic, energy and nutraceutical/food companies as well as universities, disease-specific research centers and government institutions.

The original M-110P offered the same superior uniform particle size reduction results and scalability as other models in the Microfluidizer product line and improved upon predecessors by offering “plug and play” operation off a standard electrical outlet, thus eliminating the requirement for compressed air and hydraulic cooling water.

Customers continue to praise the CE-compliant M-110P for its processing versatility (e.g. nanoemulsions, liposomes, cell disruption) and rugged dependability (“It’s built like a Honda,” according to one pharmaceutical company).

“The M-110P has allowed us to meet our need for quick, efficient and consistent cell lysis, and it affords us the ease of use and scalability that are crucial to product development," added Francisco Portell, VP of Business Development for Gencia Biotechnology. "We have been so pleased with the performance of the M-110P that we have recommended the machine to several of our colleagues.”

The M-110P joins established products such as the lab M-110Y, the pilot M-110EH-30 and the production-scale M-700 series, along with new additions such as the low volume LV1 and the MRT-CR5 for bottom-up nanoparticle creation, to create the broadest and most complete range of pharmaceutical-quality high shear fluid processing equipment available.

“We are pleased that the M-110P has been such a popular addition to our product line, and even more excited to offer these improvements upon what is already the industry’s leading processor in order to further satisfy customers,” said Michael C. Ferrara, President and CEO of Microfluidics. “Our customers are defining the cutting-edge of what is possible using nanotechnology, and it is our ongoing mission to continue to support them with the highest quality and most reliable tools in order to help them develop drugs and products that change the world.”

Source: http://www.microfluidicscorp.com/

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