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Platform Three Provides Improved Accuracy and Flexibility for NanoTest Users

Published on October 18, 2010 at 10:21 PM

Micro Materials have recently released their new Platform Three operating software, which is included as standard on all new systems, and is available as an upgrade to existing systems. The new software includes a range of new features, allowing NanoTest users even more flexibility in experiment design, while simplifying the operation of the system.

Where Platform Three excels is by further improving the NanoTest's unique High Temperature capabilities by reducing setup times and improving stability.

Platform Three goes further than software. The upgrade completely removes the Bridge Box from your NanoTest system, replacing it with a state of the art direct metrology sensor and signal conditioning system. This new unit is set-up on installation, and doesn't need any user adjustment, greatly enhancing system usability. Combined with improved hardware the system improves further on system performance due to a lower noise floor and greater depth resolution than seen on previous systems.

Platform Three pushes the boundaries further with an inherent stability which is over 85% better than that of a Platform 2 (NTX) system, when comparing dwell data on fused silica at 0.5mN. This improved performance allows for greater accuracy at lower depths and smaller loads.

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