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Microfluidics Launches Processing Technology for Continuous Nanomaterial Production

Microfluidics, a leading fluid processor manufacturer, has established PureNano Group (PNG) to produce customised nanomaterials through the process of nano-encapsulation, crystallization, and chemical reaction. Unique nanotechnology-based catalysts, pharmaceuticals, and functional foods are the chief applicantions for this processing technology.

PureNano technology is an advanced continuous manufacturing platform that combines a unique fluid processor with excellent process development to manufacture nanoparticle. This technology offers processes such as constant crystallization to produce drug nanoparticles that are highly crystalline, actives nano-encapsulation, process strengthening, and multi-stage chemical reactions.

PureNano helps companies indulged in commercial drug production to switch from batch production processes to continuous manufacturing processes so as to reduce the cost and time of drug formulation. With the capacity to create and control the growth of bottom–up nanoparticles, PureNano technology allows researchers to produce constant and stable nanomaterials of sizes and narrow distributions unattainable earlier, for example, production of azithromycin with a z-average size of 82nm.

PNG concentrates on its core objectives for the next six months such as creating PureNano customer services, interactions, and implementation; ensuring that every PureNano group is successfully implemented; developing market awareness about the technology’s ability; and creating and incorporating an inclusive sales training segment.


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