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NanoInk Offers NanoArray Assay System for Nanoscale Protein Studies

Published on September 21, 2011 at 5:38 AM

By Cameron Chai

NanoInk’s Nano BioDiscovery Division offers the NanoArray Assay System, an advanced array-based device systems, assay kits and contract services for protein studies at the nanoscale.

NanoInk’s patented Dip Pen Nanolithography (DPN) technology is the basis of the NanoArray Assay System. It requires fewer amounts of blood samples compared to conventional bead-based and ELISA assays but produces more data.

NanoArray Assay System

Based on the test results of samples collected in the field and in the clinic, NanoInk nanoarray assays facilitate detection, classification and quantification of low abundance and clinically significant protein biomarkers from dried blood spot (DBS) samples.

DBS samples are whole blood drops collected on paper cards utilizing a finger-stick blood draw technology. DBS sample collection has many advantages that include compatibility with non-clinical settings, inexpensive and needs only 50 µl of blood samples compared to 10 ml required for several venipuncture collections.

The Vice President of Nano BioDiscovery Division, Bruce Dudzik stated that high-output NanoInk assays with DPN technology need only 2 to 4 µl of blood sample and are able to attain detection sensitivities in the range of the sub-picogram/ml, enabling them ideal for screening applications of protein biomarkers based on DBS samples.

An ongoing joint research between Dr. Thomas McDade of Northwestern University and NanoInk has also demonstrated the possibility of utilizing DBS samples collected in the field to study cytokine biomarkers. DBS sampling is a user-friendly minimally invasive collection technique. Moreover, DBS samples have better stability and can easily be transported and stored.

The combination of NanoInk assay technology and DBS sampling techniques is a suitable replacement for conventional blood tube collection and immunoassay analysis.


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