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More Graphene Products at Lower Prices

Published on September 30, 2011 at 1:02 AM

The fast development of commercial applications utilizing graphene requires a steady supply of high quality graphene materials at a low price. Graphene Supermarket is proud to announce that they have expanded their product line and reduced the prices of many current graphene products.

Graphene Supermarket are now selling highly concentrated graphene oxide at the lowest price per gram. In addition, they have added two high-surface area materials: Reduced Graphene Oxide and ultrafine Graphene Nanoplatelets.

Graphene Oxide, a water-dispersible form of graphene, has properties that supersede the abilities of many other materials. Researchers worldwide consider this material to be useful for a variety of exciting applications. Graphene oxide can be used to improve solar cells, for disease detection, to create e-ink, act as an anti-cancer drug carrier, and may be used to hold the hydrogen in cars. The low cost, quality commercial availability, and the easy processing of Graphene Oxide makes it likely to be the first material in the graphene family to be used commercially.

Graphene Supermarket offers Graphene Oxide at the best rates available, and offers a broad selection of graphene products. If you are interested in purchasing their graphene products or have any questions contact them via e-mail at Their engineering team would be happy to help you with the selection of graphene products that will work for your application, or to develop custom graphene coatings and devices for you.

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