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Graphene Laboratories Now Offers Single Layer Graphene on Insulating Substrates

Published on November 10, 2011 at 6:26 PM

Graphene Laboratories Inc. is proud to announce the major expansion of its large-scale graphene coatings product line.

Starting November 10th, 2011, the online store Graphene Supermarket (, operated by Graphene Laboratories, began to offer single layer graphene deposited to a variety of insulating substrates; that includes silicon wafers with an oxide layer, glass, and transparent plastics. Along with this comes the ability to customize coatings to meet customer needs, and create films as large as 4"x8".

Raman spectrum of monolayer graphene grown on a copper foil and transferred onto a silicon dioxide wafer.

Graphene is a novel material to be used in electronics, solar cells, and bio/chemical detector applications. The new line of materials sold through the Graphene Supermarket is prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD), which is the most promising method for the commercial production of continuous graphene. CVD processing forms graphene onto a metal, which then is transferred to an insulating material required for the majority of applications. Graphene Laboratories Inc. has implemented the technology to transfer the graphene, made via CVD, to insulators in-house. Using this technology, they can do custom projects, transferring graphene onto virtually any substrate to meet the needs of researchers.

One future application of graphene currently under consideration is to replace the silicon in electronics. Graphene Laboratories recent developments bring that future one step closer. Silicon wafers with deposited graphene offered by Graphene Supermarket are well suited for the fabrication of prototypes of graphene-based electronic components. Graphene deposited onto transparent insulators, such as glass or plastics, can be employed as a transparent conductive coating and a replacement to indium tin oxide, which is expensive and fragile. These graphene-based transparent conductive coatings can be used in solar cells and digital display applications.

Investment by governments, private investors, and major corporations for the research of graphene materials is rapidly increasing because of graphenes potential applications. Graphene materials are being extensively researched by major universities and R&D departments of leading technology companies, more than 1500 of which are current Graphene Supermarket customers. Graphene Laboratories Inc. looks to stay ahead of the curve by continuing to offer unique products and services, relevant to consumer demands.

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