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Dolomite's New Range of Microfluidic Connectors and Interfaces Prove to Be Very Popular

Published on March 5, 2012 at 9:39 PM

Dolomite's new Multiflux range proves to be a huge success with over 130 customers using the innovative microfluidic connectors and interfaces since their launch in February 2011.

Dolomite’s Multiflux® range of microfluidic connectors and interfaces.

Microfluidic specialist Dolomite has announced that Multiflux has significantly exceeded all expectations for market take-up with sales in over 30 countries. The novel range of microfluidic connectors and interfaces provides users with fast and reliable multi-way fluidic connections, between chips, pumps, valves and other fluidic modules, increasing user flexibility without disruptions to the fluid flow.

Dolomite is currently developing a new PDMS Chip Interface which allows users to create multiple connections to PDMS-on-glass devices and PDMS chips. Available for purchase later this year, this microfluidic interface provides a flexible, time-efficient and robust solution for chips to be used outside the lab which widens applications for PDMS chips beyond research as well as the opportunity for greater collaboration between research labs.

Multiflux is an example of the company's ongoing commitment to provide innovative solutions which are essential for efficient and successful microfluidic research. Dolomite is currently in discussions with a number of major commercial players who would like to adopt the Multiflux standard as part of their microfluidic devices and systems.

For further information on Dolomite's range of Multiflux Connectors and Interfaces as well as a complete portfolio of microfluidic products including chips, pumps, valves and custom devices please visit

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