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Bruker Debuts Ultra-High Sensitivity Liquid Chromatography Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers

Published on September 6, 2012 at 3:10 AM

By Will Soutter

Bruker debuts two breakthrough LC-triple quadrupole (LC-TQ) mass spectrometers, namely the ultra-high sensitivity EVOQ Elite and the high-performance EVOQ Qube at the 2012 Japan Analytical Scientific Instruments Show.

The EVOQ LC-TQ System

Both EVOQ LC-TQ systems feature Bruker’s cutting-edge Advance ultra-high pressure liquid chromatography (UHPLC) systems. Moreover, the EVOQ platform is equipped with first-of-its-kind vacuum-insulated probe (VIP) heated electrospray technology that ionizes and preserves thermally weak molecules with remarkable sensitivity. The combination of an active exhaust atmospheric pressure ionization source and a powerful orifice vacuum interface dramatically improves quantitative robustness for challenging samples.

The EVOQ platform features proprietary ‘flat-tuning’ Interlaced Quadrupole Dual Funnel (IQ-DF) that optimizes sensitivity. Its PACER software provides a breakthrough feature called ‘exception based data-review’ that considerably decreases the error rate for quantitative analyses.

Bruker’s patented lens-free triple-quad mass filter design that improves MRM performance makes the EVOQ LC-TQ user-friendly and easy for maintenance. The EVOQ LC-TQ also features Bruker’s novel compound-based scanning technology, 25 ms positive/negative ion switching, 14,000 amu/sec scan speed, and the unique VIP heated-ESI and APCI ion sources.

The Advance HPLC, UHPLC, and UHPLC-OLE products provide bench-space savings, an integrated column-oven, and ultra-low dead-volume that facilitates better reproducibility at analytical flow-rates. The Advance LC in combination with CTC auto-sampler offers accuracy essential for constant, high-sensitivity LC-MRM quantitative analysis.

Rohan Thakur, Vice President and General Manager for Bruker’s Quadrupole MS Business, commented that the company anticipates that the innovative EVOQ triple-quad platform equipped with ultra-high sensitivity, user-friendly innovations and other several breakthroughs will enable conventional TQ designs to be the new performance standard in this market.

Collin D’Silva, President of Bruker CAM Division, informed that the EVOQ with PACER software complements a laboratory that focuses on delivering time-sensitive quantitative data.


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