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JEOL Appoints LOT-QuantumDesign as UK Distributor of NeoScope II Benchtop SEM

Published on January 8, 2013 at 5:01 AM

LOT-QuantumDesign have been appointed UK distributor of the JEOL NeoScope II benchtop SEM throughout the UK & Ireland.

As an entirely new advanced imaging tool for bioscience research and industrial inspection fields, the NeoScope benchtop SEM extends your vision by combining the familiarity of a digital camera with the high resolution and depth of field of a powerful SEM. The NeoScope SEM’s advanced features are complemented by simplicity and affordability.

The new NeoScope II is a touch panel controlled, multi functional desktop scanning microscope that answers the increasingly diversified needs among users worldwide.

NeoScope Key Features:

  • Magnification from x10 to x60,000
  • Compact and robust design with benchtop operation
  • 3 fixed accelerating voltage parameters (5, 10 and 15 kV)
  • Both backscattered electron and secondary electron detectors as standard
  • Manual X-Y (35 x 35 mm) control of specimen stage. Tilt/rotation/motorised stage optional
  • Auto-alignment of electron gun filament, Auto-focusing, Auto-brightness
  • Dual frame imaging for comparing live and stored images

NeoScope Applications:

  • Material classification
  • Microanalysis
  • Surface morphology
  • Particle contamination
  • Defect analysis
  • Structual analysis
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