Shanghai Microelectronics Industry Consortia Selects Agilent MBP and MQA Software for 45-nm Process Node Verification

Agilent Technologies Inc. today announced that the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Research and Development Center, a nonprofit research consortia dedicated to advancing the microelectronics industry in China, is using Agilent's Model Builder Program and Model Quality Assurance software for model extraction and verification at 45-nm process nodes.

Shanghai ICRD originally adopted MBP and MQA — integrated software spanning all aspects of device modeling, including measurement, extraction and verification — for accurate measurement and modeling of its advanced circuit designs. MBP and MQA 2013 further ease the consortia's modeling process with major enhancements that allow device-modeling engineers to deliver higher-quality models to their customers. Chief among them are a fully integrated data flow across Agilent's device-modeling platform and the ability to establish and enforce standard operating procedures for modeling in team environments.

"As a loyal Agilent customer, we are proud to be using MBP and MQA software," said Shoumian Chen, vice president of Shanghai ICRD. "The major enhancements in MBP/MQA 2013.01 enable us to complete the tedious aspects of our modeling work much more efficiently. Model Reviewer, for example, allows us to standardize various aspects of device modeling in a team environment. Because it is based on Agilent's unified end-to-end device modeling platform, it ensures seamless data transfers during the modeling process."

"Process variation, layout-dependent effects and reliability issues all bring new challenges to advanced device modeling under 45 nm," said Brian Chen, device modeling product manager at Agilent EEsof EDA. "As the leader in both device modeling and measurement, Agilent is uniquely able to help device-modeling teams address these challenges so they can provide their customers with the highest-quality models. We also remain committed to leveraging this leadership position, along with our MBP and MQA software, to help research institutes in developing countries boost their semiconductor industry."

Images of MBP and MQA 2013 are available at


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