Microfluidics to Present Webinar on Dispersing Carbon Nanotubes and Controlling Conductivity of Polymer Composites

Microfluidics is pleased to announce the latest entry in its complimentary educational Webinar Series, "Disperse Carbon Nanotubes and Control Conductivity of Polymer Composites." To register for this event or to view on-demand recorded webinars in the online archive, visit www.microfluidicscorp.com/webinars.

Thomai (Mimi) Panagiotou, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer at Microfluidics, will deliver the presentation and field questions from attendees on Thursday, February 26 at 10-11am (ET) and again at 2-3pm (ET). The webinar is based on a well-received paper she presented at the 2008 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show. Attendees will receive a copy of this paper.

“In order to harness the full potential of carbon nanotubes, they must be deagglomerated and dispersed in liquid media, such as polymers, organic solvents or water,” said Dr. Panagiotou. “Microfluidics has developed the only fully scalable methods to create 3D networks, control conductivity and simplify purification with repeatable results in lab and production environments.”

The extraordinary strength and unique electrical properties of carbon nanotubes have led many to deem them the breakthrough discovery of the 21st century. From sporting equipment to combat jackets to high-speed computer memory, carbon nanotubes are changing assumptions of what is possible with nanotechnology and helping to render existing products obsolete. By attending the webinar, scientific researchers and engineers will learn how to leverage their benefits with an effective and scalable deagglomeration and dispersion process.

Upcoming topics to be featured in the Microfluidics Webinar Series include nanoencapsulation, cancer therapeutics, nutraceuticals and “bottom-up” formation of optimized nanomaterials. For more details and to suggest topics for future webinars, visit www.microfluidicscorp.com/webinars.

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