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Micro Electro-Osmotic Pump Connector Enables Precise and Extremely Smooth Flow Rates in an Integrated System

Published on August 19, 2009 at 11:14 AM

Dolomite, a world leader in microfluidic design and manufacture, has introduced its new Micro Electro-Osmotic Pump Connector for easy and direct integration of Dolomite microfluidic chips with Nano Fusion Technology (NFT) micro electro-osmotic pumps. This two-channel miniature pumping connector provides a low internal volume of 8 µl and a flow rate range of 0.1 µl/min to 6 µl/min. Providing an extremely smooth flow and precise control in the low flow rate range, the Micro Electro-Osmotic Pump Connector enables the development of complete small scale pumping systems ideal for use in a wide range of applications e.g. academic, handheld instrumentation, drug discovery, clinical diagnostics etc.

With no moving parts or pulsation, a smooth flow is easily obtained at high pressures up to 2000 kPa. Powered via connection to a DC supply or battery, electro-osmotic flow is generated in the pump through the application of a low voltage across the two electrodes. For more advanced management of flow rates, a pulse width modulated (PWM) power source and micro flow meter can be supplied for closed loop flow rate control.

The pump can operate directly with either de-ionised water or methanol, however using indirect methods such as using a sample loop between the pump and the on-chip working area, the micro electro-osmotic pump can be used with any liquid.

For further information on the micro electro-osmotic pump connector as well as the full range of microfluidic capabilities available from Dolomite including pumps, connectors/interconnects, chips, valves, flow sensors, custom design and full instrument design, please visit

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