Microfluidics Introduces New Fluid Processor for Nano Applications

Responding to customer demand, Microfluidics has launched the latest product in its broad family of Microfluidizer high shear fluid processors, the LV1 low volume benchtop.

LV1 high shear fluid processor

Operating with the same fixed-geometry interaction chamber technology of larger volume machines, the LV1 brings superior capabilities for uniform particle size reduction and cell disruption to samples as small as 1 ml. For the first time, industry and academic research teams are able to achieve superior nanoemulsions, nanosuspensions, nanoencapsulation and protein yield while minimizing quantities of limited and expensive materials used.

"Customers have told us that they've been waiting for a product like the LV1," said Michael C. Ferrara, Microfluidics President and CEO. "By lowering the minimum volume requirements of our gold standard Microfluidizer processors, our engineers have made smaller particles and efficient cell rupture more accessible to innovative research teams. The LV1 is an exclusive alternative for an industry continually seeking to improve product quality and consistency without exhausting their resources."

The LV1 generates incredible levels of shear, up to 12.25 million sec-1, which are orders of magnitude greater than other technologies. This increased shear enables biotechnology customers, for example, to achieve extremely high cell rupture rates for challenging applications (e.g. yeast) in a fraction of the time than can be achieved using other technologies. In addition, media and chemical-free coupling, along with effective cooling, significantly improves protein yield and makes each ml of material more valuable.

The heart of every Microfluidizer processor is the fixed-geometry interaction chamber and a constant pressure pumping system, which together ensure the most effective and uniform processing performance. Unlike other technologies, results achieved on the LV1 are scalable through lab, clinical trial and pilot/production volumes.

Producing pressures up to 2069 bar (30,000 psi) with low power consumption, the LV1 is a highly efficient processor with a small footprint and spectacularly quiet operation. Like all Microfluidizer processors, it is exceptionally easy to use and clean, and results are scalable to production volumes.

The LV1 will embark on a worldwide trade show tour beginning in the United States at the INTERPHEX conference and trade show in New York City on April 20-22, 2010.


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