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Nanosight Launch New Software Package for Nanoparticle Analysis

Published on November 9, 2010 at 9:09 PM

NanoSight are excited to announce the launch of our new software suite, NTA2.1. This builds on the success of NTA2.0 and is designed to directly address aggregated feedback from our 250+ users across the world.

These improvements included better accuracy, usability and cross platform support. This has brought with it many new features. In addition, and following the launch of the NS500 in March, it is designed to support a more automated use of the technique giving better statistical analysis and higher throughput.

The key improvements can be summarized into five categories:

  1. Better usability: There has been further simplification of both capture and analysis sections of the software. Now fewer user decisions are necessary for analysis, thus improving the robustness of measurement.
  2. More automation: Integration of the NS500 and scripting function allows automated, repeat measurements, changes of dilution, temperature and multiple sampling, flushing and loading of samples. These are all to be preprogrammed reducing user time and subjectivity while increasing throughput. Preprogramming of analysis and logging of all analyses equally speeds up the user analysis and assessment of samples.
  3. Greater accuracy is provided through improved particle centering and tracking together with significantly improved noise reduction.
  4. Improved integration: software now support Windows 7 (32bit) fully and Windows 7 (64bit) for analysis. One software suite now controls all NanoSight systems. There are dedicated controllers for external I/O and all NS500 actions are fully PC controlled.
  5. More features: extensions have been applied to many aspects of the software especially in the analysis and multi-graphs area.

If you were unable to attend the users' webinar on the software updates (November 4th) or you have not yet had your update, please do Nanosight.

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