Nano Chemical Systems Announces New Lubrication Product

Published on April 18, 2006 at 10:15 AM

Nano Chemical Systems Holdings has announced a new lubrication product that enhances the performance over of range of operating and environmental conditions encountered in numerous applications.

This product is designed to solve the problem of a lubricants' loss of effectiveness and breaking down under the stress of elevated temperatures and pressures. The first planned package for the Nano Ball Bearing Lubrication product is a spray can for commercial and home uses placed on the shelf next to the popular brands.

"This product embodies the new product plan for Nano Chemicals: It is Nano patentable technology and we can manufacture it at low cost in large volume in-house. We have taken Nanotechnology from the lab to enhance an aerosol product that we have a proven record of manufacturing in volume at a competitive cost structure. We plan to continue to implement our product plan and have a stream of new products like the Nano Ball Bearing Lubricant," said James Ray, President.

The company has documented the invention of the technology and has filed a US Utility patent application under which the Ball Bearing Lubrication product will be sold as patent pending. This product is currently in the development stage and no trademark name has been selected under which the product will be marketed. This product will now be tested for use in internal combustion engines.

Nano Chemical Systems Holdings

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