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Sale of First TFC2000 Line to Asia

Beneq and Glaston sell the first TFC2000 manufacturing line to Asia. The Asian deal marks the first for the two companies' collaboration and is worth approximately €14 million.

TFC2000 line will be used to manufacture TCO-coated glass for photovoltaic applications. The line unites enhanced thin film coating with glass and annealing technology for use in the growing solar industry. The line will be delivered to the client in the first quarter of 2012.

Mr Sampo Ahonen, CEO of Beneq, says that the sale represents rising demand for high-quality equipment to produce TCO-coated glass. The sale is also a proof for significant collaboration between Glaston and Beneq.

Beneq has formed strategic collaboration with Glaston in September 2010 for PV glass coating equipment. The alliance resulted in the development of new TFC2000 offline production concept. This new coating line that features nAERO technology allows production of high-quality glass with TCO coatings in an affordable mode. This technology is incorporated into  Glaston’s CHF Pro- heat treatment line. Mr Arto Metsänen, CEO OF Glaston, states that Beneq and Glaston together offer unique solution to serve the requirements of growing thin film solar industry.


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