Dolomite Introduces Syringe-Based Nanoparticle System

Published on December 17, 2011 at 1:56 AM

By Cameron Chai

Dolomite, a company specializing in microfluidic devices for the analysis and control of small-scale fluids, has expanded its portfolio of system solutions with the introduction of an advanced syringe-based nanoparticle system.

The syringe-based nanoparticle system enables users to produce semiconductor, metal and polymeric nanoparticles having a diameter range from 1 to 100 nm for a broad array of applications in the field of fiber-optics, biomolecular sensing, drug delivery and biochemistry.

The nanoparticle system, developed on Dolomite’s proven chips, connectors and microfluidic pumps, allow efficient and quick mixing of a maximum of two reagents of 25 µL and 10 mL. The user-friendly system enables the precipitation of equally sized particles to happen always throughout the sample through the utilization of extra-smooth pumps for the delivery of reagents into the mixing zone, thus offering meaningful benefits over conventional techniques.

The syringe-based nanoparticle system operates over a broad array of flow range between 0.1 µl/min and 10 µl/min. With its sample injection valve, the novel system reduces the consumption of the reagents. The system features an extra thermal control module for ensuring the maintenance of constant temperatures during the experiment, making it suitable for target-specific heating in biomedical applications.

Dolomite’s system solution line also comprises micro droplet systems that enable users to generate over 10,000 counts of highly monodispersed micro droplets having a diameter range between 5 and 250 µm per second.


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