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New Fully Revised Optical Tweezer Brochure Available from Elliot Scientific

Fully revised, expanded and updated, the new Elliot Scientific Optical Tweezer brochure covers all the Optical Tweezer, Photonic Force Microscopes and laser trapping systems built by the company.

Elliot Scientific manufactures complete systems that work straight from the box, and add-ons for existing microscopes. The design, integration and testing process for a useful calibrated 'DIY' optical tweezer system typically requires one to two years - a threshold too high for many researchers. By delivering fully integrated equipment, users can start their research from day one.

For over ten years Elliot Scientific has worked in collaboration with St. Andrew's University to develop the most comprehensive range of optical tweezer systems available including:

  • Component-based "open architecture" optical tweezers
  • Self-contained portable, desktop single beam workstations
  • Single spot and multiple spot optical tweezers integrated with commercial microscopes
  • Force Measurement accessories using Quadrant Photodetector (QPD) or Camera Particle Tracking (CPT) technologies (CPT research in collaboration with the University of Glasgow)

The new brochure will be available at all the major lifescience events Elliot Scientific will be attending in 2012 including Biophysical 56 in San Diego from February 25th, the British Biophysical Society meeting in July at Durham, and September's European Microscopy Congress in Manchester. Alternatively, a PDF version can be downloaded from

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