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NanoInk Chief Commercial Officer to Address Positive Impact Conference

Published on April 11, 2012 at 2:32 AM

NanoProfessor, a division of NanoInk, Inc. focused on nanotechnology education, announced today that Dean Hart, chief commercial officer of NanoInk, will be providing the keynote address at the Midwest Research Competition: "Positive Impact Conference," presented by Wheeling High School on Friday, April 13.

Dean Hart, chief commercial officer of NanoInk.

Mr. Hart's presentation will cover the growing importance of nanotechnology in our society and the need for a nano-savvy workforce to help drive America's leadership in this transformational technology. The Positive Impact Conference includes a student competition showcasing original science-based research and a conference featuring speakers, a panel discussion, and an awards ceremony.

"I would like to thank Dr. Lazaro Lopez, principal of Wheeling High School, for inviting me to speak at the Positive Impact Conference," said Mr. Hart. "There are exciting new breakthroughs in nanotechnology each and every day that will impact our world. Unique educational programs such as the NanoProfessor Nanoscience Education Program, which aims to expand hands-on nanotechnology education from the cleanrooms of research-based universities to undergraduate and high school classrooms, are vitally important as we seek to train a nano-savvy workforce to fill the jobs that will accompany these breakthroughs."

"The Positive Impact Conference highlights the creative thinking and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) intelligence of high school students from across the state of Illinois," said Dr. Lopez. "When you look at the future of STEM in high schools, nanotechnology must play a role because of its emerging importance in several fields including chemistry, biology, physics, materials and environmental sciences, engineering, and medicine. We are pleased to have Mr. Hart share his perspectives on how nanotechnology will improve our society, and how talented high school students are poised to help lead the nanotechnology revolution."

During the Positive Impact Conference, educators and representatives from the private sector will highlight existing programs which foster student work that is well beyond what is typical for high school students. The conference will also cover how the private sector uses research to have a positive impact on the world. More information is available at:

Wheeling High School took the first step to further advance its stellar science education program by attending a three-day NanoCamp at NanoProfessor's headquarters in January. In the three-day camp, faculty from Wheeling High School's science department learned more about nanotechnology and gained hands-on experience working with the cutting-edge nano-focused instrumentation included within the NanoProfessor Program.

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