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Dolomite Receives Grant to Devise Plug and Play Microfluidic System

Published on July 31, 2012 at 3:31 AM

By Will Soutter

The UK Government has awarded a SMART grant to Dolomite, a specialist in microfluidics, for the development of a plug and play microfluidic system, which will improve productivity in research laboratories and will facilitate a wider availability of microfluidics.

The project will comprise prototyping a portfolio of integrated tools, especially for microfluidics users in education and research, with the goal of offering an advanced set of smartly coordinated capabilities. The portfolio will build on a sophisticated touch-screen interface facilitating clear data visualization and virtual redesign of the connected hardware like valves and pumps. The smart and user-friendly connections to microfluidic devices will be based on Multiflux, a suite of microfluidic connectors from Dolomite.

The plug and play microfluidic system is anticipated to be introduced during 2013. This project will benefit a number of fields such as petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, and food science research.

Andrew Lovatt, Chief Executive Officer at Dolomite, stated that researchers must be free to concentrate on their work instead of spending time on identifying right devices for their research. For this purpose, the company will design advanced plug and play microfluidic platforms for researchers, who can use these platforms in their laboratories. The company will apply its cutting-edge microfluidic expertise for one more time to develop novel technologies.

Even though the company can create these devices as isolated products, the support provided by the UK government helps the company to invest in extensive product development and facilitate scientists to shift towards the next productivity level. The company is excited to receive this grant and anticipates developing these advanced technologies, concluded Lovatt.


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