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Micro Materials Announce Upcoming Webinar on Nanomechanical Testing

Published on February 11, 2013 at 10:28 AM

Micro Materials would like to announce their upcoming webinar on Wednesday 27th February, presented by Professor Ben Beake - "Using high temperature nano-mechanical testing for optimising coating performance in challenging applications".

Thermal image of frictional heating during cutting, image Courtesy of Prof. M. Ranganathan, PolyTech Tours

Frictional heating results in very high operating temperatures in ultra-high speed machining but the nanoindentation tests used to evaluate novel PVD coating systems for improved cutting performance are invariably performed at room temperature. If nano-mechanical measurements are to be used reliably in the optimisation of coatings then it is much better that the measurements are performed at the relevant temperature!

In this webinar high temperature nanoindentation data are reported for a wide range of nitride-based hard coatings and design rules suggested for coating optimisation for different machining applications. The role of adaptive behaviour and tribo-film formation is also discussed. The coatings studied show large differences in how their hardness, modulus and H/E vary with increasing temperature. Overall, the high temperature nanoindentation data show excellent correlation to coating life under severe high speed machining applications.

The 30 minute presentation will be followed by a more general discussion of the topic, drawing on the expertise of Prof. Beake and other members of the Micro Materials applications team.

This webinar is the first of a series covering a number of different practical application areas in which nanoindentation and related techniques have helped to advance understanding. Other planned talks include Dr Peter Hosemann of UC Berkeley, who will discuss the use of nanoindentation and related techniques in characterising materials for nuclear applications, and Dr Tomasz Liskiewicz of the University of Leeds who will be discussing the use of small scale fretting measurements in assessing materials for biomedical applications.

To register for the Micro Materials webinar or for more information about future presentations go to

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