Major Asian Customer Selects Picosun's High-Performance 300-mm ALD Cluster Tool

Published on April 9, 2013 at 1:48 AM

Picosun Oy, leading Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment manufacturer, reports that its PICOPLATFORM™ 300 ALD cluster tool has been selected by a key customer in Asia for new memory applications.

The 300 mm cluster design is based on the company's long-term top product, the fully automated, multifunctional PICOPLATFORM™ ALD deposition unit for parallel, simultaneous execution of several different processes for high-k and metal/metal nitride films.

The first models of the PICOPLATFORM™ ALD cluster tool entered the market the year 2008 and since then, this revolutionary versatile and efficient multi-chamber thin film processing system has gained praise from customers across the world.

The fully automated PICOPLATFORM™ 300 ALD cluster unit is comprised of several individual PICOSUN™ P-series high throughput ALD reactors, capable of single wafer or batch processes. As all features in PICOSUN™ ALD tools, the control and automation software has been optimized to guarantee the ultimately simple, intuitive and user-friendly operation and programming of the tool. In addition to ALD reactors, also other thin film deposition units, pre- or post-treatment equipment or integrated substrate handling systems for complete cassette-to-cassette loading of wafers can be incorporated into the same PICOPLATFORM™ 300 ALD unit.

"PICOPLATFORM™ ALD cluster system design is solely based on the requirements of ALD, and thus provides distinct advantages over competing products. Realization of easy, cost-effective and clean production is the key for building successful ALD solutions for new memory applications. We are extremely proud and honoured to be selected as the technology provider for the next generation of ALD-enabled memories", summarizes Dr. Wei-Min Li , CEO of Picosun Asia.


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