Quorum Technologies Launch the Q150GB - a Glove Box Compatible Sputter/Carbon Coater

Quorum Technologies is pleased to introduce the Q150GB – a fully automatic, modular glove box version of the market leading Q150T ES bench top turbomolecular-pumped coating system.

The Q150GB is suitable for SEM, TEM and many thin-film coating applications and comes as standard with both sputtering and carbon rod evaporation capabilities. The high vacuum environment allows both oxidising and non-oxidising metals to be sputtered. 

Quorum Q150GB Glove Box Coater

The modular design allows the vacuum chamber to be mounted either through the base or inside the glove box itself. A separate power supply can be floor mounted and positioned conveniently beneath the glove box or bench. The touch screen user interface is housed in a robust stainless steel case and can be positioned outside of the glove box environment, if preferred.

The Q150GB  allows quick access to both stored and customer-entered coating ‘recipes’ and the performance and flexibility of the system can be further enhanced by a wide range of options, including ‘drop-in’ specimen stages and coating head inserts, glow discharge and film thickness monitor control.

Like all other Quorum Technologies products, the Q150GB comes with a generous three-year warranty.


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