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Graphene Laboratories, Inc. to Distribute nanoCVD systems in the USA

Published on August 19, 2013 at 4:55 AM

Moorfield, a UK-based manufacturer of premium research equipment, are pleased to announce an agreement with Graphene Laboratories, Inc. for the distribution of their nanoCVD® systems in the USA.

The nanoCVD systems, recently launched in Europe, enable easy, R&D scale production of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene and carbon nanotubes on a variety of substrates. The systems will be distributed by Graphene Laboratories via Graphene Supermarket®, the world’s largest graphene outlet.

The nanoCVD range consists of compact yet powerful units, easy to use and ideal for the fabrication of high-quality graphene. Innovative features include low thermal mass heater stages and cold-walled reaction chambers, while fully automatic controls enable rapid synthesis and high throughput of graphene samples.

nanoCVD System.

Applications of these advanced materials have been demonstrated in fields as diverse as photovoltaics, next-generation electronics, and advanced composites. While the primary focus is the academic sector, the nanoCVD systems have also proven attractive for industrial product development.

Graphene Laboratories are leaders in the manufacturing and commercialization of advanced graphene and related materials. Their US customer list is extensive and includes thousands of clients from all major research universities and R&D departments of leading companies.

Graphene Laboratories has fully fledged research and business divisions, including experts in advanced materials production methods, which makes them strategically well-positioned to move Moorfield’s system into US markets.

Jon Whitehead, CEO of Moorfield, commented: "Given their existing profile and expertise, Graphene Laboratories is superbly positioned for distribution and support to a large and expanding US market. We are extremely excited in anticipation of a long and fruitful relationship."

Dr. Elena Polyakova, CEO of Graphene Laboratories, added: “Moorfield’s compact, reliable nanoCVD systems synthesize ultra-high quality graphene sheets. The system is capable of synthesizing high quality material, perfect for research applications, at an affordable price and with a user-friendly interface. We are honored to present this system to our customers.”

The nanoCVD range was launched in Europe in early 2013 and has received excellent reviews from customers.

About Graphene Laboratories, Inc.

Graphene Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the manufacture and sale of research materials to R&D markets, with the world’s largest selection of advanced and 2D materials. Having been first in the market to introduce graphene materials for research use, the company is working towards industrial-scale production of graphene and graphene-like materials, currently with pilot- scale production capabilities.

The team at Graphene Laboratories are recognized experts in graphene materials, with staff regularly presenting at international conferences and exhibitions. Researchers at Graphene Labs also specialize in custom projects and R&D.

Graphene Laboratories Inc. operates both the Graphene Supermarket® and Maximum Materials™, and is a leading supplier of advanced 2D materials to thousands of customers around the globe. The company offers a wide variety of graphene materials, as well as other advanced 2D nanomaterials such as molybdenum disulfide, tungsten disulfide, and boron nitride products.

About Moorfield

Moorfield was founded in 1989 for the distribution of high quality technical products at affordable prices. Although the product portfolio has changed significantly over the years, this philosophy remains a key corporate objective.

Today, Moorfield design and manufacture in-house a wide range of R&D-scale laboratory systems that are marketed to a global customer base via an extensive distribution network. Traditional ranges center around vacuum deposition products (including bench-top and glovebox-integrated models) suitable for production of high-quality metal, inorganic, and organic films, and equipment related to creating and maintaining clean environments. Most recently, the company has moved into CVD synthesis of carbon nanomaterials with its range of compact nanoCVD units.

Moorfield operate an intensive product R&D program that has attracted UK government funding and that is carried out in collaboration with a network of leading academic groups.

This high investment in R&D together with a low-overhead structure and excellent customer relationships has provided the company with a first-class international reputation in terms of product quality, price, and support.

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