Ardic Instruments Launch Beta Program for the New P100 AFM with 15% Discount

Published on September 4, 2013 at 4:05 AM

Ardic Instruments is officially launching their beta program today at SEMICON Taiwan and is calling for global AFM users to sign up. Beta program members can receive a P100 AFM at a 15% discount of the already disruptive $22,000 price.

Beta program AFMs will be sent out to qualified users throughout the rest of the year. Users who participate in the beta program will also receive a lifetime 15% discount for supporting the up-and-coming instruments brand. To find out more, click HERE.

Qualified beta program members receive lifetime discount on AFM products

Ardic Instruments will work with beta program users to collect feedback on the AFM and optimize support services. All hardware and software updates implemented during the program will be made available to the beta users. As part of the company’s mission to deliver the best customer experience possible, Ardic Instruments places heavy emphasis on a transparent, accessible, and community-driven approach to communicating with end-users.

Edward Chyau, the company’s founder and CEO states, “We hear the following issues far too often: a three-month wait for repair, six-month lead times for product delivery, convoluted software, inefficient purchasing, inflated pricing to cover expensive sales processes and marketing. The instruments industry champions product performance, yet often fails to deliver on the customer experience. Ardic Instruments aims to change this.”

The P100 AFM has been designed to be setup and installed by the user in a matter of minutes. The software’s intuitive design allows the user to begin scanning samples with minimal training. If the user has any questions, resources are made available through a wide number of channels, including a live chat, knowledge base, ticketed service, and even twitter-based customer support.

About Ardic Instruments

Ardic Instruments is an analytical equipment manufacturer aiming to serve the global scientific community with the best customer experience possible. Through a transparent, accessible, and community-driven approach, Ardic Instruments fosters a direct channel of communication between the end-user and the manufacturer.

Ardic Instruments produces atomic force microscopes, MEMS analyzers, and label-free molecular diagnostic platforms for both academic and industrial applications.

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