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Haydale High-Performance Graphene Materials to be Offered by Graphene Supermarket

Published on April 10, 2014 at 12:18 PM

Haydale and Graphene Laboratories, Inc. are pleased to announce that the HDPlas™ range of novel high-performance graphene materials will be offered by the leading source of graphene materials, the Graphene Supermarket.

HDPlas™ Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNP) are designed to enhance product performance when compared to non-functionalised materials; they are suitable for numerous applications including resins, epoxies and polymer composites.

Haydale has technology enabling the commercialisation of graphene via its plasma functionalisation process. HDPlas™ GNP are functionalised through a proprietary plasma process which does not use wet chemistry and allows the material structures to be maintained and un-damaged. The process can clean up material impurities inherent in the raw material and may even repair defects in the base material. The process can functionalise with a range of standard and exotic chemical groups, allowing Haydale to match a product with the most appropriate functionalisation to meet customer specifications.

The non-exclusive agreement marks Haydale’s intent in increasing its presence in the US R&D market, and will see the HDPlas™ range of functionalised GNP made available for R&D customers via the Graphene Supermarket website, initially in quantities of up to 1kg. Graphene Laboratories Inc. will market HDPlas™ products for sale in the United States, Canada and Russia. The Graphene Supermarket is a leading source of graphene and nano carbon products worldwide.

Ray Gibbs, CEO at Haydale, said: “We have witnessed the progress Graphene Labs has made in getting high quality graphene related research and development material into the market - their sales, marketing and technical support in this sector is excellent. Haydale, as a high quality functionalisation specialist with a range of GNP, was looking for an increased presence, particularly in the USA. The additional sales reach provided by Graphene Labs for our GNP materials is an obvious fit. Not only were we looking for a route to market in the USA that had technical back up locally, but also the ability to generate further leads from R&D activities. It is our ability to functionalise the GNP to customer’s specific requirements which, we believe, uniquely positions us in the market for graphene products. We are looking forward to working closely with Elena and the team to develop and deliver commercial value added graphene products into the USA.”

Elena Polyakova, CEO of Graphene Laboratories, added:

“Customers of the Graphene Supermarket have long been inquiring about GNP materials optimised for screen and other printing applications. Our distribution of Haydale’s HDPlas™ enables us to meet customer demand with a reliable product. We have been very pleased with our results using Haydale’s materials, and I am confident that our customers will feel the exact same way.”

For further information on Haydale’s HDPlas™ range and proprietary plasma process, please visit Their products can now also be seen on the Graphene Supermarket website.

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