Nanotech Socks to Compete in the Chicago Marathon

Published on September 27, 2006 at 3:23 AM

After the successful test of the 200 needle count socks in the Boston Marathon in April, these nanotechnology socks will once again be worn and this time to test if they improve Marathon timing.

Banire Haffis of Lubbock, TX, a runner who consistently places in top 10 position in long distance races, is one of the few runners who volunteered to test if these comfortable socks would in fact improve the race timings.

“I have done 1:07 on a half marathon, and a 2:17 for a full marathon.” Banire says. “I hope to do a 2:20 in Chicago Marathon this year.”

“I am trying to make the Olympic team but injuries prevent me from competing in both 1996 and 2000. “ Banire says, “I enjoy running, and with the help of these socks and more training, I hope to make the U.S team.”

Greenyarn tested the short plus socks during the Boston Marathon this year. 10 runners from the Greater Boston Track Club wore these Greenyarn socks in the 26.2 miles, and they loved the way the socks cushion every step and stayed in place for the whole marathon.

“One of the few socks that I don’t get blisters.” Commented one of the runners. “I tried getting different shoes and insoles to cushion the impact, and I finally realized that the socks are one of the most important component of a good footwear after wearing these for the marathon.”

Greenyarn, a Boston nanotechnology company that manufactures the world's most cushioned socks at a 200 needle count (most socks are under cushioned at just 108 -144 needle count, which is why wearers suffer from “tired feet” at the end of the day), use a nano-material in them called Eco-fabric. Eco-fabric is made from nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal, making it fight odor and germs, remain cool and dry, and help circulation by absorbing and emitting far infra-red.

In addition to being the most cushioned socks on the market, Greenyarn's socks are designed with an archband and a Y-heel pocket for better fitting. This keeps them from moving around in your shoes – and help maintain an even cushion that will last an entire day – or a marathon.

“I recovered much faster with these Greenyarn socks.” Says Adam, a runner of the Boston Marathon ’06. “I usually take 2 to 3 days, but I strangely felt better the next day after trying these amazing socks.”

On October 22, 2006, as little as they are, these nano sized particles may proof to be a big advantage for the runners who wear them at the Chicago Marathon.

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