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Osmetech Licence Self Assembling Monolayer Nanotechnology for Biosensor Applications

Published on November 16, 2006 at 1:16 PM

Osmetech plc today announced that it has signed a non-exclusive commercial license with Evanston, Illinois-based Ohmx Corporation to Osmetech’s self-assembling monolayer (SAM) nanotechnology for biosensor use. Osmetech, a fast developing international diagnostics business with operations in Atlanta, Boston and Pasadena, USA, serves the high growth, near patient molecular testing market and holds exclusive rights to the SAM technology. The SAM technology, invented by George Whitesides, Ph.D. at Harvard University, is finding increasing merit, particularly in electrochemistry-based biosensing methodologies, where it is used to minimize background signal, provide for uniform functionalized attachment of molecules and to reduce nonspecific aggregation events. Financial details were not disclosed.

James White, CEO of Osmetech, said, “When Osmetech acquired Clinical Micro Sensors (CMS) from Motorola, it came with a patent portfolio that had over $25 million invested in it and over 80 granted patents to date. Today marks an important step in our ability to maximize our economic return by looking to actively license our portfolio to companies in complementary product areas and also for non-healthcare diagnostic markets such as research, forensics, environmental, biodefense and food. We look forward to announcing other partnerships in the near future.”

“The SAM patents are just one complementary piece of a much broader intellectual property position held by Osmetech in the field of electrochemistry-based detection”, says Edward Kreusser, Osmetech’s VP of Intellectual Property and Legal Affairs. “In addition to the Harvard SAM IP, Osmetech also holds exclusive rights to very valuable biosensing patents owned by California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of North Carolina, CMS and Concordia University.”

This agreement is just the latest in a series of deals between Osmetech and Ohmx. Ohmx’s founder and Chairman of the Board, Thomas Meade, Ph.D. also co-founded CMS and is an inventor on many of the Caltech’s and CMS’ patents held or exclusively licensed by Osmetech.

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