Buy the Optical Building Block (OBB) Quattro Fluorometer and get the EasyLife Fluorescence Lifetime Base System for only $4,998

Buy one Quattro spectrofluorometer and you can also buy an EasyLife-X Fluorescence Lifetime System at 50% off. This exclusive offer allows you to completely outfit your fluorescence spectroscopy lab with the following capabilities all starting at less than $30,000.

  • steady state fluorescence spectra
  • steady state phosphorescence spectra
  • fluorescence lifetimes from 100 ps to 3 μs
  • phosphorescence lifetimes from 3 μs to 300 ms

Optical Building Blocks (OBB) Bench-Top Luminescence Instruments

OBB offers a complete line of compact integrated bench-top luminescence systems that include acquisition and analysis software. These instruments are so simple that they require no factory installation.

Quattro™ luminescence spectrometer: New bench-top steady state fluorometer that also measures phosphorescence lifetimes from 4 µs to 300 ms, and acquires lifetime-based reaction kinetics. This new spectrofluorometer offers the best sensitivity of any bench-top fluorometer and many new unique experimental capabilities.

EasyLife™ family of time-resolved luminescence systems: There are three different filter-based EasyLife™ systems that measure luminescence lifetimes and lifetime-based reaction kinetics from 45 picoseconds to 300 milliseconds. The EasyLife™ X fluorescence lifetime system that is part of this offer measures fluorescence lifetimes from 100 ps to 4 μs.

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Frank Barker
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Company Background

Optical Building Blocks Corporation (OBB) designs, produces and markets state-of-the-art, proprietary electro-optical components and instrumentation used in leading research institutions around the world. Today OBB offers three main product groups of equipment; Interconnectable "Optical Building Blocks", Microscope Accessories, and Bench-Top Instruments.

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Quattro(TM) Spectrofluorometer/Phosphorimeter and EasyLife(TM) Fluorescence Lifetime System

Quattro Luminescence Spectrometer

The Quattro™ bench-top spectrofluorometer is significantly more sensitive than any of its competitors, and it offers many unique benefits. It is also very easy to use, and an affordable system to buy.

Key Benefits of the Quattro™ Spectrofluorometer and Phosphorimeter

  • 7,500:1 SNR water Raman (best in class)
  • 1 μs lamp flash to collect entire decay curve (Unique Quattro™ capability)
  • Lifetime-based reaction kinetics (Unique Quattro capability)
  • Lifetime-based temperature ramping (Unique Quattro™ capability)
  • Real-time 1 to 4 exponential decay fits from 3μs to 300 ms
  • Pre-scan 3-D wavelength optimization
  • Fully automated and self calibrating


Time resolved emission scan of Dyag acquired in only 15 seconds

The Quattro scanning fluorometer and phosphorimeter is only 23” x 23” x 8”


EasyLife Fluorescence Lifetime System

The EasyLife™ X Fluorescence Lifetime System is an integrated solution that provides much more quantitative information than can be determined from a fluorescence spectrum! Using our patented lifetime fluorescence technique, the EasyLife™ X Fluorescence Lifetime System obtains the maximum information about any molecule, something you simply cannot get with conventional steady state techniques. Whether you are involved in biology, chemistry, pharmaceutical science, food technology, or materials science your work will be greatly enriched by utilizing the EasyLife™ X Fluorescence Lifetime System.

Take A Close Look At EasyLife™ X Fluorescence Lifetime System – OBB’s New, Amazingly Simple, Powerful, Yet Affordable Solution Machine.

  • Picomolar sensitivity
  • Lifetimes from less than 100 ps
  • Powerful software with FRET Calculator
  • Large selection of state-of-the-art pulsed LEDs
  • Small footprint (a coffee table will suffice!)
  • Fully portable
  • Turn-key operation
  • Maintenance free

ANS binding to bovine serum albumin was monitored with the EasyLife™ X equipped with a 370 nm LED. The ratio of free ANS to BSA bound ANS (9:1) can be easily determined from the double exponential fit to the fluorescence decay.

The EasyLife-X is a mere 15" x 13" x 8.8"

Optical Building Blocks Corporation Terms

Buy one OBB Quattro fluorometer (USD$ 29,992) and you can buy one EasyLife-X fluorescence lifetime base system for only $4,998 (a 50% savings). EasyLife-X base system requires at least one excitation LED, an emission filter and a computer/laptop which are not included in the base system. Final quote price will depend on additional options and accessories selected for the Quattro and the EasyLife. ONLY AVAILABLE IN USA & CANADA. Terms

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Frank Barker
  • Frank Barker
  • Relationship Manager - AZoNetwork
  • Tel +44 (0)1625 615111
  • Frank Barker
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