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  • Electrospinz produces a modular range of laboratory electrospinning machines aimed at material laboratories who would like to get started with manufacture of novel materials rather than spend...
  • Based in Ayr Scotland, Giltech was founded in 1984 by Dr Tom Gilchrist to develop novel biomaterials for medical devices. Ever since, we have continued to develop our unique and creative core...
  • Australian company Poly Optics Pty Ltd manufactures fibre-optic lights, used in the construction industry. The company’s standard product includes fibres that emit light from their end or along their...
  • Surface Measurement Systems Ltd develops and engineers innovative experimental techniques and instrumentation for physico-chemical characterization of complex solids. “World leaders in...
  • Carnegie Mellon University scientists have developed an attractive way to make discrete carbon nanoparticles for electrical components used in industry and research. Posted March 28 2004
  • Hyosung announced that it has become Korea’s first developer of nanotechnology fiber. Posted February 25 2004
  • Hyosung Corp of South Korea has developed and launched a fibre that uses nanotechnology to give it antibacterial properties. Posted March 10 2004
  • Bucktubes possess amazing strength, stiffness and toughness properties making them ideal candidates for use in structural composites, fibres and fabrics. These applications areas are explored.
  • The Phenom has been used to investigate several different cutting edge applications in industries covering filtration, medical equipment, insulation, aerospace, and nanotechnology. The Phenom provides...
  • Carbon nanotubes have extraordinary mechanical strength properties. Stiffness, toughness, and strength are typical for carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes actually are the stiffest known fiber.
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