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Company Background

We are a leading nanotechnology enterprise specialized in the customer-specific development of life-science products.

As a spin-off of the Max Planck Society, our enterprise is a pioneer in the commercial utilization of the latest research results from the field of nanotechnology.

We are opening up new frontiers by applying nanotechnology to the modern challenges of pharmaceutical therapy, medical technology and diagnostics. For this we use the years of expertise our staff and partners can offer as well as our internationally patented technologies for the production of multi-functional nanocapsules and nanocomplexes.

Our nanocapsules and complexes are intelligent “transport containers“, so small that around 3 billion fit on the head of a single pin. Special processes allow us to furnish these tiny transport containers with a combination of pharmaceutical, biochemical, electrical, optical and magnetic properties.

On this basis we are able to develop solutions that are always innovative and market-oriented, for example for more targeted and more effective drug delivery.

Besides superior scientific performance and the expertise it entails, our customers also value our high degree of flexibility in project planning as well as their personal contact with our staff.

Thanks to the right combination of specialized knowledge innovative spirit and reliability, Capsulution has been able to play the multiple roles of initiator, developer and consultant on the way to many a successful product.