Hyperion Catalysis International

38 Smith Place
MA, 02138
United States
PH: 1 (617) 354 9678
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Hyperion Catalysis International is the world leader in carbon nanotube development and commercialization.

Founded in 1982 to develop novel forms and morphologies of carbon, Hyperion Catalysis' flagship technology is a conductive, vapor grown, multi-walled carbon nanotube. These tubes are trade named FIBRIL™ nanotubes.

Since the original synthesis of carbon nanotubes in 1983, Hyperion Catalysis has devoted substantial resources to improving the technology of their manufacture and developing their use in a variety of applications. Hyperion Catalysis now supplies FIBRIL nanotubes, pre-mixed, in a range of plastics. These plastic/ nanotube composites are in commercial use in a growing number of automotive and electronics applications. The FIBRIL nanotubes are used to impart electrical conductivity to the plastic in combination with additional benefits that are related to the unique structure of the nanotubes.