Material Methods LLC

30 Hughes, Suite 205
CA, 92618
United States
PH: 1 (949) 206 0967
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Material Methods LLC (MM) develops separations and energy storage devices built on nanostructured materials. MM is a small business, focused on marrying technology, and markets. R&D and pilot manufacturing facilities are located in southern California. Since 1998, when it was founded, Material Methods has won over $3 million in National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, California Energy Commission, CalTIP, Department of Energy, DARPA and Army research contracts. Technology produced in these US government-funded programs has been commercialized in two thirds of our completed programs. Presently, 20% of our revenues are commercial and 80% are government. We seek to grow our commercialization success and reverse this ratio. We provide, services, IP, and OEM components to industry leaders. Our products include parallel passage contactors for hydrogen gas purification, carbon electrodes for electrochemical double layer capacitors, and flow through capacitors for desalting. Our commercial customers include Fortune 100 power and chemical companies plus top tier water equipment manufacturers.

MM activities in separations involve water harvesting with molecular pumps, water softening, perchlorate removal, biomimetic disinfection, oligonucleotide purification, enantiomer purification, and biomass conversion. MM activities in energy storage involve asymmetric electrochemical double layer capacitors, organic electrolytes, and Li battery SEI layer enhancement. We integrate nanostructured materials into superlative devices involving heterogenous reactions with charge and mass transfer. Our expertise:

  • Polymer design and synthesis
  • Carbohydrate polyethers and polyepoxides
  • Li Battery and EDLC organic electrolyte development, device design, and test
  • Supramolecular design and engineering for separations
  • Flow Through Capacitor design, development, testing, applications