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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

NanoDynamics is pleased to introduce NDMX Technology - state of the art materials and construction of the next generation of golf balls. NDMX Technology focuses on the physics of a golf ball's rotation. Rotation of a golf ball increases turbulence which generates lift - which is a good thing. But when the rotation of a ball is off-axis, then the ball will tend to hook or slice - which is a bad thing. By engineering the golf ball in a way that the energy transfer from the club head to the ball is more efficient, you have the possibility of generating lift and distance without as much spin. The net result is that the ball can travel as far but without the amount of off-axis spin, so less hook or slice. On the putting green, a somewhat different phenomenon takes over. Again, through selection and control over material properties, such as modulus of elasticity and specific gravity, the ball can be designed in a way that it behaves like a wide-track tire when putting; breaking less on inclines and less prone to be nudged "off-line" by imperfections in the surface of the green. Golf balls incorporating NDMX Technology are protected by US patents and, for now, are only available from NanoDynamics.