Network Biosystems

1 Gill Street, Suite B
MA, 01801
United States
PH: 1 (781) 938 6060
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Network Biosystems is a development stage biotech/high tech company developing nanotechnology and microfluidics for DNA analysis in clinical, forensic, and genomic applications. Privately held and founded based on pioneering research performed at MIT's Whitehead Institute, NetBio fuses microelectronics and biotechnology to build "bio/nanotech" systems that sense and manipulate the physical world.

The Company has several broadly enabling technology platforms, all based on the integration of nanotechnology and microfluidics with biotechnology and molecular biology:

  • Clinical Diagnostics: Network Biosystems believes that the real-time sequencing of patient samples in the hospital laboratory will have a dramatic impact on clinical decision making.
  • Forensics: Network Biosystems is commercializing a rugged, portable STR identification instrument that functions both at the crime scene as well as the forensic laboratory.
  • Homeland Security: Network Biosystems' instrumentation for the rapid, on-site screening of large numbers of individuals has a broad application to homeland security.
  • Genomic Sequencing: Large scale, high capacity sequencing of the human genome in the academic and pharmaceutical settings.