New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium

600-700 Mountain Avenue
Murray Hill
NJ, 07974
United States
PH: 1 (908) 582 8200
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

The New Jersey Nanotechnology Consortium (NJNC) provides rapid and cost-effective access to world-class nanotechnology research and development services, allowing breakthrough nanotechnology-driven innovations. The NJNC is a consortium launched in early 2003 by Lucent Technologies, the state of New Jersey and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The nucleus of this LLC is the world-renowned Bell Labs nanofabrication laboratory in Murray Hill, along with the Bell Labs scientists and researchers. By combining the leading-edge fabrication capabilities of this lab with regional academic research institutions and universities, NJNC is able to carry out basic and applied nanotechnology research while stressing the unique capability of bringing nanotechnology ideas from concept to commercialization.

With a highly experienced research team, NJNC offers design, prototyping and fabrication capabilities to industry, academic and government members, including companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, materials, optical/photonics, defense/aerospace and semiconductor markets. The distinguishing expertise of the NJNC is the ability to fabricate and develop manufacturable processes for nanotechnology devices. The consortium also supports development of the nanotechnology industry by educating the next generation of scientists, spearheading joint research and driving nanotechnology roadmap programs.