Cymbet Corporation

18326 Joplin Street NW
Elk River
MN, 55330-1773
United States
PH: 1 (763) 633 1780
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Primary Activity

Material Manufacturer

Company Background

Cymbet™ Corporation (Cymbet™) is the first to market a true solid state energy system using a proprietary, patent pending "POWER FAB™" low temperature manufacturing process. The Cymbet™ thin-film battery system will enable new concepts in battery application for IC's and new products for handheld computer, communication, medical, sensor, and portable electronic devices. Cymbet™ batteries can be integrated directly within IC's or built into the electronics they power. This enabling technology uniquely combines existing deposition techniques with high energy solid state battery technology to produce a simple, competitive thin-film battery and process that has immediate application and payback.

Located in Elk River, Minnesota Cymbet™ is made up of a highly skilled team of professionals dedicated to optimizing and producing thin-film energy sources and adapting these concepts to battery powered products. Through the development of the POWER FAB™ process Cymbet™ can easily design and implement 'application specific' batteries that provide users with the lightest weight, highest power, best value solutions. These exciting new battery systems are stable and safe, can be made in a nearly infinite variety of form factors and placed on almost any substrate. Cymbet™ thin-film batteries are being designed into semiconductors, RFID tags, military and aerospace, medical and communications products. New challenges for this unique enabling technology like powering MEMS devices and advancing the state-of-the-art of nano-circuitry continue to emerge. Many other new products will recognize the advantages of this truly remarkable energy source as the Cymbet™ team strives to advance revolutionary new concepts in batteries.