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Friends of the Earth (FoE) International is the world’s largest federation of environmental organisations with member groups in over 72 countries.

FoE Australia is itself a federation of grassroots groups. We have been working on a wide range of environmental justice issues since the early 1970s – with a strong focus on anti-nuclear campaigns, indigenous solidarity, forest protection and climate change.

FoE has a long history of working on technology issues, including nuclear power, toxic chemicals and genetic engineering. Like many environmental organisations we take a critical perspective on new technologies, based on the consideration of the precautionary principle.

We strongly support many new technological developments, particularly in the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries. However we also see a strong need for public scrutiny of the broader environmental and social impacts of new technologies, and for community involvement in technology assessment and public policy development.

FoE Australia started the nanotechnology project in early 2005 in response to the rapid development of the nanotechnology industry with little or no critical debate or regulatory oversight.

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