Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd

Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd
Gordleton Industrial Park
Hampshire, SO41 8JD
United Kingdom
PH: 44 (01590) 684100
Fax: 44 (01590) 684110
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Company Background

Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd is part of Helmut-Fischer GmbH, manufacturers and global market leaders in materials analysis, coating thickness measurement and micro hardness determination. Fischer Instrumentation (GB) Ltd is based in Lymington, Hampshire and is one of eight global marketing, distribution and servicing centres.

Fischer’s Nano and Microhardness Testing systems, the HM2000 and Picoindentor HM500 meet the more challenging of laboratory needs such as hardness testing of ultra thin hard coating on a soft substrate; the hardness pattern within boundary layers; the elastic and plastic properties; the creep properties; characteristic qualities such as modulus of indentation and the elastic-plastic energy portions.

Fischer’s Nano and Microhardness Testing systems exceed the requirements of DIN ISO 14677, which specifies the method of instrumented indentation test for the determination of hardness and other materials parameters for the three ranges of macro, micro and nano.

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