Crystalplex Corp.

2403 Sidney Street, Suite 280
PA, 15203
United States
PH: +01 (412) 246-2044
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Company Background

Crystalplex develops and commercializes semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots) for optoelectronic, security and life science applications. TriLite™ nanocrystals are manufactured using alloy gradient technology and exhibit superior brightness and stability compared to standard nanocrystals.

Crystalplex’s TriLite™ nanocrystals are used as highly efficient down-converting phosphors and direct emitters in Display Applications and Lighting Applications. For Coatings and Security Applications, TriLite™ nanocrystals are used as fluorescent taggants in security inks, polymers, papers, synthetic fibers and other materials in which it is desired to provide a distinct photonic signature or marking.