DSM Somos

1122 St. Charles Street
IL, 60120
United States
PH: +01 (847) 697-0400
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Company Background

DSM Somos® is an unincorporated subsidiary of DSM Desotech —a world leader in the development of specialty UV-curable materials—and a member of the global DSM family.

The Somos business has earned a global reputation for stereolithography (SL) material innovation and has been actively involved in the development of rapid prototyping materials since the late 1980s.

Today, DSM Somos continues to expand the rapid prototyping market with a full line of best-in-class ProtoFunctional® materials that replicate the performance of engineered thermoplastics, saving both time and money in new product development.

Rapid prototyping materials, incorporating ceramic nano-particles.