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AZ, 85718
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Company Background

Our research and development efforts are focused on using our proprietary microbubble technology to treat vascular occlusions, or blood vessel blockages, as well as the resulting ischemia, which is tissue damage caused by a reduced supply of oxygen.ImaRx is developing NanoInvasive™ treatments for some of today’s most prevalent and difficult to treat medical conditions including stroke and other cardiovascular diseases, cancers and central nervous system disorders. NanoInvasive medicine will provide a great benefit to both patients and society by improving patient outcomes, minimizing patient pain, and reducing hospital stays, recovery time and healthcare costs.

ImaRx’s technology is considered NanoInvasive because its products are only nanometers in size. The technology is localized and targeted and can be less invasive than minimally invasive therapies. For example, the Company's clot dissolving product, the MRX-815 nanobubbles used in SonoLysis™, are smaller than one micron in size with membranes only a few nanometers thick that stabilize the bubbles. In addition, SonoLysis dissolves blood clots into submicron-sized nanoparticles.