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Company Background

Cloisite® and Nanofil® additives consist of organically modified nanometer scale, layered magnesium aluminum silicate platelets. The silicate platelets that the additives are derived from are 1 nanometer thick and 70 – 150 nanometers across. The platelets are surface modified with an organic chemistry to allow complete dispersion into and provide miscibility with the thermoplastic systems for which they were designed to improve. The additives have been proven to reinforce thermoplastics by enhancing flexural and tensile modulus while lowering CLTE.

The additives have also been proven to be effective at improving gas barrier properties of thermoplastic systems. The surface char formation and flame retardance of thermoplastic systems have also been improved by incorporating the nanoparticles into the structure. There are some unique application areas where the additives have been proven to improve the physical properties of the plastic products. Cloisite® and Nanofil® additives have been shown to improve the properties of injection molded pieces for the automotive industry, of flexible and rigid packaging such as films, bottles, trays, and blister packs, and also of electronics plastics such as wire and cable coatings.

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