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Schaefer-Tec AG

Badimatte 21
Kirchberg, CH - 3422
PH: +41 (34) 423707-0
Fax: +41 (34) 423707-5
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Company Background

The Schaefer Group distributes over Continental Europe equipment for basic as well as applied research, the industry and education, in the field of micro- to nano-technologies and surface engineering and metrology. The technical experience of Schaefer Group is an additional value to the customer, who receives an excellent pre- and after-sale support.

Establishment and specialization

Schaefer Holding was founded in 1963 as reseller of vacuum equipment. As first Scanning Probe Microscopes came out, in the early 80’s, Schaefer Holding extended its catalogue of products, including new state-of-the-art technologies..

The Schaefer's supply

Today, Schaefer Holding offers to countries in Continental Europe equipment for:

  • characterisation and testing
    • surface
    • material
  • the measurement of
    • nanoparticle
    • vacuum
    • gas flow
  • magnetic fields and thin film growth rate

Here's some of the products Schaefer can offer:

  • Scanning Probe Microscopes (both in air and ultra high vacuum)
  • 3D Optical Profilers
  • tribo-mechanical testing machines
  • flowmeters
  • teslameters
  • quartz balances

Advice and support

Thanks to the high technical specialisation of its people, Schaefer Holding can offer both pre-sale and post-sale support to the customer. Schaefer Holding serves its customers out of the four offices in

  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
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