Nanofiber Future Technologies Corporation

5060 Tecumseh Road East, Unit #191
Ontario, N8T 1C1
PH: +1 (519) 9623612
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Company Background

Nanofiber Future Technologies Corporation (NFTC) is manufacturing company based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

The company produce nanofibers from liquid based polymers on large production scale. NFTC in cooperation with Nanostatics is capable to research, develop, design, produce and deliver of base material for final products to suite all client needs. It allows the client to provide extensive input throughout design and development of the product.

During the development time client can use NFTC and or Nanostatics pilot facilities and engineering/product development expertise to parallel path product development.

NFTC in very short turn-around can produce and deliver large quantity of nanofiber based materials for further processing to all clients worldwide.