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Company Background

Nanomaterials have structure size smaller than 100 nanometers (a billionth of a meter). These nanomaterials can have various shapes and structures such as spherical, wire-like, tubes, platelets, and so on.

Nanotechnology refers to the produce materials with nano structure and to create materials and devices with new or vastly different properties. Nanotechnology is developing new ways and technologies for industry products and life applications. The application of nanomaterials and nanotechnology will be bring many new fields with tremendous promise. The potential beneficial impact of Nanotechnology on society has been compared with that of silicon and plastics. Nanotechnology is a key technology for 21st century and is the solutions for the future.

NANONIZE TECHNOLOGIES CORP. provides custom engineered nanopowders specifically designed to solve the unique problems of our customers, adding significant value to their products.

NANONIZE TECHNOLOGIES CORP. is focusing on the research and development of commercial products based on nanotechnologies in addition to products of nanopowders. We are producing EMI shieding components based on nantechnologies and developing advanced cutting tools to improve tool life, multi-functional coating films, ...,.. based on nanomaterials and nanotechnologies in cooperation with Universities. We have experts and strong research team to develop more and more commercial products based on nanotechnologies.

NANONIZE TECHNOLOGIES CORP. is located in Ontario, Canada. We offer complete in-house development to support our customers' programs and our own production efforts.

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