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Company Background

Created in 2002, Shanghai Allrun Nano Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai (China) and initially owing a large know-how in nano science and technology. Our staff consists of top-ranking scientists, doctors abroad, and experienced engineers who are active in nano technology field. As a high-tech company in the emerging field of nano science and technology, Allrun Nano aims at bettering human life through creative nano technology by company's talent researchers and customer-oriented philosophy, and developing products that offer a compelling advantage for our customers and strategic partners. The broad collaboration recourses to universities and institutes make the company pioneer in industrialization of nano technology.

Allrun Nano's technologies consist of distinct nanomaterial manufacturing processes, surface treatment technologies of nanomaterial, and its bio-medical application technologies. Allrun Nano has created an integrated platform of nanomaterial technologies that are designed to deliver nanomaterial solutions for market application.

Since 2002, Allrun Nano has set up a close, stable, strategic relationship with Research Institute of Micro/Nano Science and Technology (RIMNST) in Shanghai Jiao Tong University which covers many research platforms such as nanomaterial, nano bio-medicine, nanofabrication, ect.