SCRIBA Nanotecnologie S.r.l.

Via G. Fanin 48,
PH: +39 (051) 4200332
Fax: +39 (051) 4200317
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Company Background

SCRIBA Nanotecnologie develops identification, anti-counterfaction, security and health products based on nanotechnology.

SCRIBA Nanotecnologie is a spin-off company from the National Research Council - ISMN Bologna. Scriba Nanotecnologie is born as a knowledge-based company from a group of researchers of the research division "Nanotechnologies of Multifunctional Materials", working in nanotechnology at the state-of-the-art. The company was established on March 14, 2005 and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna.

We have unique experience in European, National and Regional collaborative research projects, technology transfer, and industrial collaboration both with large industries and SME. We know how to communicate with people of different background owing to the multidisciplinary approach in our research and dissemination activity.