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Company Background

The company Eurosen Srl is a start-up launched as a joint-venture between the Slovak company Biorealis Sro and the Italian corporation Veneto Nanotech Scpa in June 2007. The company was established after winning the Grand Prize in international business plan competition in the nanotechnology sector "Nanochallenge 2006" organised by corporation Veneto Nanotech.

This was a decisive moment on our way to pursue and fulfil our entrepreneurial idea of production of a biosensor integrated portable laboratory.

The initiative of launching Eurosen Srl was promoted by the team of Slovak researchers with vast experiences acquired in their native country and in international well recognized scientific teams worldwide, as well. The team of founders has a well balanced blend of knowledge and skills in many scientific disciplines including biotechnology, nanotechnology, (bio)analytical chemistry, material science and (micro)electronics essential to deal with challenging tasks of a multidisciplinary project of making portable laboratories.